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Welcome to SIMONA - Your Partner in Plastics

SIMONA semi-finished plastics are widely used within the field of advertising and structural engineering. PVC, in particular, has proved to be an extremely popular choice for ceiling, wall and door applications, as well as being deployed within the area of trade fair and display design. In fact, our PVC sheets are so versatile that they can be used for almost any application. What they all have in common is that they deliver outstanding quality at a highly competitive price. Whatever your application, we will come up trumps with a premium-quality solution. Alongside compact PVC sheets, we also supply a range of foamed PVC sheets.

The SIMOPOR product range comprises PVC free-foam sheets that are highly sophisticated in appearance and offer exceptional versatility when it comes to processing.

SIMOPOR-LIGHT has a lower density than SIMOPOR, making it extremely light and easy to handle. SIMOPOR-ULTRALIGHT is even lower in density.

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