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VISCOM SIGN : light foam sheet consists of dual-sided hard PVC foam skins.
Founded in 1982, Stadur is today among the biggest and most innovative manufacturers of composite material items across Europe.
With Stadur you make an external impact. In addition to the standard composite elements we can supply our customers with high-quality carrier materials for advertising boards, displays and applications for direct digital printing, screen printing and laminations.

is a moisture-resistant light foam sheet that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, servicing in the main the graphic arts and advertising market sectors.
VISCOM SIGN light foam sheets can be used without edge protection for outdoor applications for up to 2 years.

With the appropriate edge protection profiles the weather resistance is increased to at least 5 years.
The light and rigid VISCOM SIGN sheet can be directly printed without any pre-treatment.
The sheet represents excellent value for money.

This pure white surface skin combined with our high-performance Stadurlon material offers a combination of many advantages:

  • Weather and moisture-resistant, for indoor and outdoor advertising up to 2 years
  •  The sheet has a high degree of rigidity combined with very low weight.
  •  The sheet has a high quality matt finish, guaranteeing optimum printing results without restrictions due to the new Stadur surface technology. Lamination films of all brands achieve excellent adhesion on the VISCOM SIGN EASYPRINT light foam sheet.
  •  The printed image will excel in colour brilliance, sharpness of detail, contrast and final print result when compared against all other known competitor plastic print media products.
  •  The Stadurlon top layer consists of a special polyolefin.
  •  This plastic is classified as an environmentally friendly substitute material.
  •  Excellent scratch resistance properties provide reliability during processing and use.
  •  Dual-sided, flush-mounted protective film ensures ease of handling without gloves. Angular or round advertising areas can be continuously created using single-sided V-shaped grooves or slots. Only STADUR VISCOM SIGN light foam sheets offer this option. The EASYPRINT surface can be bent 1000
  •  times without tearing off.
  •  Stadurlon is temperature-resistant from - 20°C to + 120°C.
  •  Surface ready for painting.

Application areas:

  • Direct digital printing
  • Screen printing
  •  Photo lamination
  •  Signs for interior advertising
  •  Signs for exterior advertising
  •  Trade fair
  •  Shop
  •  Interior fittings
  •  Decorations
  •  Column paneling
  •  Event marketing
  •  Promotion


2440 x 1220 mm
3050 x 1530 mm


5 mm / 10 mm / 15 mm / 19 mm


pdf Guideline for working.pdf 

pdf VISCOM Prospekt englisch 2011-10.pdf 


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